CDE Update: Assessment Resource Bank and Sample State Curriculum Units

Presented by: David Burrous and Toni Theisen

Abstract: What is happening with World Languages and the Colorado Department of Education?
An explanation and demonstration of how the Colorado World Language Academic Standards and performance assessment will change instruction. Learn about the CDE resource bank, what types of assessments and how Colorado students could be assessed to determine their performance level. In addition, we’ll explain how the Sample Curriculum Project will make available integrated curriculum units for your use.

Essential Question

  1. How are instruction and student learning goals impacted by the standards?

Target Learning Goals

  1. I can apply standards to curriculum and performance assessment.
  2. I understand how the standards, curriculum and assessment impacts the Colorado Educator Effectiveness evaluation.
  3. I can use the CDE Assessment Resource Bank Tools: Assessment Review Tool and Sample Assessments.
  4. I can use the CDE Sample Curriculum Unit Bank to enhance my instruction.



Colorado World Languages Academic Standards:

More information for the standards

Thompson School District Loveland Standards and curriculum wikispace

Colorado Academic World Languages Standards CDE site

Range Level (Proficiency Levels) scroll down on site

Proficiency Spiral

  1. Colorado World Languages Academic Standards-another link
  2. What are the 3 modes?
  3. ACTFL Proficiency Guidelines Revised and Samples Website

Colorado Educator Effectiveness
Colorado Educator Effectiveness rubrics-how we will be evaluated:
The Teacher Quality Standards outline the knowledge and skills required of an effective Teacher and will be used to evaluate Teachers in the state of Colorado. All School Districts and BOCES shall base their evaluations of licensed classroom Teachers on the full set of Teacher Quality Standards and associated detailed Elements included below, or shall adopt their own locally developed standards that meet or exceed the Teacher Quality Standards and Elements.

Sample expectation:
effect1Screen shot 2013-02-09 at 4.18.54 PM.png

The CDE Resource Bank is intended to support and inform
instruction by providing tools to help teachers understand
what students know and are able to do and find quality resources
to support teaching and learning. The first items in the CDE Resource Bank
are assessments which will provide the field with a starting point in
understanding student learning and may be used for educator effectiveness purposes.

World Languages Assessment Resource Bank

(This is the first set of examples to help districts design effective assessments that align with the state standards.)

CDE Assessment Review Tool:

Assessment Review Tool (Content collaborative teams used this tool to evaluate each assessment as to its alignment, rigor, bias, and opportunities for learning.) Also review the instructions on using the Assessment Review Tool.

CCFLT cde assessment tool2013.png

All World Language Assessment chosen that align with the Colorado World Languages Academic Standards are Performance Assessments in the three modes: Interpersonal, interpretive and presentational based on the proficiency ranges from Novice-Low to Intermediate-Mid.(Traditional exams that are grammar-based such as fill-in the blanks with the correct verb form,non-contextualized discreet point grammar tests or any type of tests that focus on knowing rules as opposed to using the language in real life scenarios do not align with the standards and therefore were not approved as examples of standards-based assessments).
Learn more about Colorado proficiency ranges

(FYI-IB and AP tests are aimed at intermediate-mid output for students)
To effectively understand why assessments are recommended or
partially recommended and the process used to determine this,
please review Determining High-Quality Content Assessment and
the Assessment Review Tool. Not all Colorado Academic standards
have recommended assessments. To find what assessments
were reviewed and where the gaps are in each content area,
go to the Posts tab and choose the category of “Assessment Inventory” or “Gap Reports”.
CDE Assessment Resource Bank-all content areas

Student Learning Outcomes: DRAFT Guidance

Step 3: Select multiple measures of student learning to be included in evaluations

More assessments similar to the ones we reviewed
  1. Lexington, Kentucky World Languages Assessment Examples and Rubrics
  2. New Jersey (FLENJ) thematicaly organized assessments
  3. STARTALK Thematic Assessment Examples

Colorado Sample Curriculum Project

cdeunitsScreen shot 2013-02-01 at 1.57.23 AM.png

Colorado's District Sample Curriculum Units Project

All the curriculum samples are accessible by content area and by grade levels and will be housed here until their permanent home is established at eNet Colorado. Remember that we would love to get feedback regarding the use for and desired supports around the samples.

Teacher-created curriculum samples

World Languages Sample Curriculum Units

This fall, over 500 Colorado educators, representing 61 school districts, participated in curriculum design workshops that resulted in the creation of 670 curriculum samples based on the Colorado Academic Standards (CAS). Utilizing a Colorado-designed and r
efined template, the samples provide organizing structures for addressing the grade-level expectations (GLEs), evidence outcomes (EOs) and 21st Century Skills that build students’ mastery of the standards at each grade level.
Sample unit- See other World Languages examples
Off to School

More general information about the curriculum units

cde curr 3.png

Colorado's District Sample Curriculum Project

Teacher-created curriculum samples

Requirements for Colorado’s district curriculum “samples”

Requirements for all content areas

Templates at different proficiency ranges for your use.

Remember it is about student production and not teacher planning!
  1. Novice Low
  2. Novice Mid
  3. Novice High
  4. Intermediate Low
  5. Intermediate Mid