Activating communication in 21st century thematic units

Presented by:

Toni Theisen

Loveland High School
Loveland, Colorado
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Abstract: How can an old unit “going to a café” be changed to a thematic unit on food and hunger that focuses on interpersonal tasks integrated to create a meaningful context for novice learners? How can images, videos, polls and other technology encourage intermediate learners to critically think of solutions to real-world environmental issues in innovative ways? Participants will examine these contexts via UbD designed thematic units, formative and summative assessments and the ACTFL 21st Century Skills Map.

Essential Questions
  1. How has learning changed?
  2. How has teaching changed?

Activating Interpersonal Communication in a Thematic Unit Handout

Activating Interpersonal Communication in a Thematic Unit ppt

ACTFL 21st century skills map wikispace
  1. ACTFL 21st century skills map Wikispace
  2. More ways to see the ACTFL 21st century skills map
Where do I find the tech page?
  1. Technology to enhance communication
UbD Unit template
  1. WL 5 C's UbD Unit Template Oct.2012 Theisen use.doc
Common Core and WL standards-alignment
  1. Common core standards aligned with WL Standards
ACTFL Proficiency guidelines with examples
  1. ACTFL Proficiency guidelines with examples
Technology links
  1. Theisen's world languages tech site
  2. New stuff
  3. Technology to enhance communication
Theisen's World Languages Tech Wiki:Lots of links and examples
  1. Theisen WL Tech Wiki
Terrill-Theisen UbD Hunger Unit:
From the café unit to the hunger unit in Level 1
  1. Terrill-Theisen Hunger Unit Wikispace
  1. Our TSD UbD units: There are many Spanish, some French and a few German units due to amount of teachers we have.
  2. UbD in action:Look at the UbD units, learner targets and learner target bubbles in our school district. (Take what you need)
  3. UbD unit template
  4. Learner bubble template
  1. Spanish, French, German units
  2. Thompson School District Curriculum Wikispace
  3. WL 5C's UbD Unit Template Theisen2012 use.doc
  4. Learner target bubbles template.docx
My class wikispaces
  1. LHS French Devoirs
  2. LHS French classes
TSD World Languages Distirct wikispace
  1. TSD WL Curriculum Wikispace
French IV and V thematic units:
  1. papiers er sans papier
  2. goût et gaspillage
  1. "Papiers et Sans Papiers"unit
  2. L'Alimentation: Goût et gaspillage unit
French II thematic units resources and self-learning activities
  1. Unité 1-Le logement et la maison
  2. Unité 2-La famille
  3. Unité 3-Les fêtes
  4. Unité 4-Paris-On va visiter
  5. Unité 5- l'art
AP French information
IB language B information